Battle Zone Camp

Our Battle Zone Camp curriculum is designed to teach players the close-quarters battle skills needed to win the hard areas of the ice.  Winning the hard areas of the ice requires a unique combination of competitive attitude, skill technique, and tactical technique.  Most coaches would agree that these skills, techniques, and tactics usually mean the difference between winning and losing a hockey game.  By learning how to dominate the net front and the end wall areas of the ice you will become the player everyone wants to play with and nobody wants to play against.

Players will learn:

  • Skating techniques that will enable them to be quick, balanced, and stable on their skates in battle zones.
  • Body positioning and body protection techniques.
  • Pinning and escaping techniques.
  • Net front battling techniques and tactics.
  • Puck protection and puck recovery techniques.
  • Stick control techniques and how to always have a “good stick.”
  • Proper angling and steering techniques.
  • Gap control management.
  • Puck support concepts.