Defensive Techniques & Tactics

Lockdown Defence:  Defensive Techniques and Tactics for Defencemen and Forwards

Coaches in every sport agree that championships are won by playing defense exceptionally well.  Being able to play well defensively, not allowing opponents to penetrate the prime scoring area for attempts on the net is something good players and teams do well.  In addition, the ability to limit time and space in all areas of the ice, create numerical advantage, pressure the puck, stop the puck, recover the puck, and move it quickly is an important component of generating offense.  After all, the very best way to play defense is having possession of the puck.

Technical Skill Development Menu:

  • Defensive Skating Skills
  • Effective Body Positioning
  • Optimal Stick Utilization and Stick Checking Techniques
  • Body Checking Techniques (Age Appropriate)

Tactical Development Menu:

  • The 6 Keys to Fore-checking and Back Tracking well.
  • Essential Back checking and Gap Control Concepts
  • Defending the Rush:  Defend the 10 Most Common Zone Entry Situations
  • The 11 Factors Required to Play Tight Defensive Zone Coverage
  • Defend the House:  Eliminate the 5 Keys to Scoring Goals

Playing well defensively means that your team will have a chance to win.  Join us to learn the details and finer points of playing “Lockdown Defence” in all situations and areas of the ice.

This version of the “Lockdown Defence” includes an Athletic Skills Development off-ice program that includes:

  • Posture-Balance-Stability Skills
  • Flexibility-Mobility-Agility Skills
  • Coordination-Dexterity-Rhythm Skills
  • Off-Ice Hockey Skills Development
  • Off-Ice SMART Games